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I experience a certain frustration watching Agents of SHIELD every week in that, as a show, it is EXACTLY the sum of its parts. Every episode is well acted, interesting, moderately to very well written, with impressive production values...and almost as soon as it ends I can't remember what happened. It is maddening.

Having said that, this weeks episode had at least two moments that made me gawk at my TV ( one within the first three minutes of the episode). It has also solidified Ward as not only being a proper super villain, but also given him an actually believable and complex motivation for his behavior that doesn't justify his actions but makes it possible to understand why he snapped the way that he did. This episode, in many ways, is like a love letter to those who've watched the show from the beginning and get to see that first season through the lens of the last two years.

On the other hand, This weeks episodes of Arrow and The Flash (and they need to be counted as a single story this week because, you know, crossover) were, to put it politely, top-heavy.

The combined weight of EVERY SINGLE CAST MEMBER of both shows appearing on screen AT THE SAME TIME was so bloated that it made my head spin. And the contrivances necessary to move the plot along were just blatantly transparent (Cisco picks THAT moment to forget to hide The Flash's secret Identity? Malcom Merlyn just TELEPORTING into scenes where he needs to deliver crucial exposition?)

( Arrow has been struggling recently to hold on to the idea that Nanda Parbat is on the other side of the world. The way characters go there and back again you'd think they were just walking across the street from one Vancouver sound stage to the next. Oh wait...)

Still, there is a certain giddy glee in seeing so many masks on screen at once: Flash, Green Arrow, Speedy, Black Canary, Spartan ( Felicity's code name for John Diggle), Vibe, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl (with The Atom, Jay Garrick, Firestorm and Mr. Terrific waiting in the wings); this is about as close to a Justice League lineup as you're going to get without using the big 3 on TV. To long-time DC fans it is, I imagine, a dream come true. If you aren't, though, the whole thing seems just bloated and confusing. Also, somebody needs to slap Oliver around for not figuring out after three years that keeping secrets from the people in your life doesn't EVER end well.

And as for Supergirl and Gotham...I got nothing. Have not been able to muster the interest to even try to watch either. Sorry.


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