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What follows are random thoughts about the Netflix Daredevil series. Minor spoilers may follow..

Wow, this is good.

I think I’ve got kind of a mancrush on Charlie Cox now.

Somebody watched Oldboy.

It’s impossible to take Arrow seriously anymore after this. And I kind of love that every time Matt gives the “I have to save my city” line, nobody takes him seriously, either.

Eldon Henson was born to play Foggy Nelson. And they totally nailed the relationship between Him, Foggy and Karen.

Kingpin MK I – Soft spoken, deeply uncomfortable, giant man with Shatner pauses.

Ouch. Car door.


You could scrub your wash on Vonde Curtis Hall’s forehead.

And oh look, it’s the d-bag sergeant from The Wire.

Ouch. claw hammer. And the saw.

Kingpin MK II – Deeper voice, louder, more pronounced, more menacing. Even more pronounced Shatner pauses.


How many other Superhero series would dare to have an entire episode dedicated to a long theological discussion about the nature of evil, inter-cut with NINJA FIGHTING TIME?

Man, this series has a lot of “two people in a room talking” scenes..

Kingpin MK III – Booming voice, Monstrous presence, toned-down Shatner pauses.

You tell ‘em, Foggy!

“Avocados at law.”

Madame Gao now edges out May’s Mom for coolest Tiger Mom in the MCU.

Biggest advantage of doing a Netflix show:  Eldon Henson and Vincent D’Nofrio get to have “waking up in bed shirtless” scenes and network executives don’t complain.

Okay, well, there’s the justification for the devil thing.

So THAT’S how they’re going to resolve the costume.


…And the costume kinda sucks.

Not sure why, but the ending feels a little contrived. No matter.

Want more Daredevil next year!

Couple of notes about the costume:

The silhouette is right, but he’s not Daredevil until you paint the whole thing red and stick the “DD” on it. (he’s also not Daredevil until after the final scene anyway, so that gets a pass.)  Also, need to take off the nose cover on the mask. All it does is accentuate Charlie Cox’s kind of rubbery mouth.  Something to work on for next season guys. Or maybe it’ll be fixed by Jessica Jones.


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