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I was watching play-throughs of the Batman: Arkham games last night when an idea occurred to me that will not leave me alone, so I tell you all now in the hopes that it will go away:

I would like to see one of those open world exploration/combat games based in the Dune Universe.

Dune is one of those properties that nobody seems to be able to properly get their heads around, but a lot of people want to. The subtle layers of politics, the religious overtones, the heavy environmental themes and the somewhat baroque nature of the culture depicted in the books (and in Herbert's writing, to be honest) make it a book that doesn't lend itself well to adaptation.

But, Holy Moses, an Assassin's Creed style game where you could explore the caves of the rim wall or huddle in the shadows of a slum in the capital of Arrakeen? Where you fought Harkonnen and Sardukar in raids on the desert sand? Where you actually get to mount and ride a giant sandworm? How's THAT for fast travel?

And the beauty is that there is a great big hole in the first book right where the game would take place. The gap between the end of part two where Jessica becomes the reverend mother, and part three, where we pick up two years later to find Muad'dib ready to lead the final assault on the Harkonnen and the Emperor, is the perfect setting.

Picture this: You play a Fremen of Seitch Tab'r. You have toiled for years in pursuit of the goal of remaking Arrakis into a paradise. Now, a boy from off world comes into your community, and the talk among the people is that he is the Mahdi, the promised Messiah that will lead the Fremen to freedom. You come to know him, this Paul Atreides, whom your own people have named Muad'dib. You fight beside him, laugh with him, and watch as he learns the ways of the Fremen.

As his legend grows, you are caught up in his circle. You become Feydakin, one of his death commandos, charged with carrying out the will of Muad'dib. And your legend grows as well; you command men who will live and die at the word of the Mahdi, carrying with them the battle cry "Ya Hya Chouhada..."

Long live the fighters.

In-depth combat system? Check. Resource Management? Check. Vehicle combat? check, Stealth and exploration? Check and Check. In-depth story mode? BIG OL' CHECK!

Somebody explain to me why this isn't a thing yet!


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